Transferable Digital Notes Project

Transferable Digital Notes Project is hiring

The Transferable Digital Notes Project is researching a viable solution to the challenging problems associated with putting in circulation fiat currency in digital form by central banks. The project does not have any funding and it’s supported by a small group of voluntaries.

The TDNSYS is seeking applicants for internship the following positions:

  • Economist - experience: Monetary Systems, Fed Operations and Payment Systems
  • Programmer - experience: W/Linux C/C++, HTML, TLS, SSL, Android, iOs developer
  • Tester
  • Technical writer

Beside a learning opportunity the only benefit we can offer is to have TDNSYS on your resume if the project is successful.

If you are interested please send an e-mail to You will receive access to and based on the position you are interested information on how to apply.

The project is located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Work is performed remotely.